While the routine clinical deployment of MSOT is still uncharted territory, the technology has already proven that it can make an impact in various point-of-care diagnostic applications in humans. A variety of clinical studies have been conducted or are currently ongoing, including such in the fields of melanoma, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease), breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and peripheral vascular disease.

The unique MSOT ability to visualize intrinsic tissue contrast, blood oxygenation, melanin, lipids and chromophores that are already FDA-approved for clinical use (i.e. ICG, methylene blue), circumvents the major bottleneck of new imaging technologies with the potential to accelerate clinical propagation.

Based on the real-time multispectral imaging technology proven in iThera Medical’s MSOT inSight / inVision small animal imaging systems, an MSOT imaging system for exploratory clinical research, the MSOT Acuity, is now available.

Equipped with a fast-tunable 50 Hz laser and custom-made 2D or 3D detectors the MSOT Acuity can be used for real-time visualization and quantification of disease-related changes in tissue chromophore distribution and concentration.

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The MSOT Acuity has already been used in several investigator initiated trials.

Technical information

  • Single-wavelength imaging at up to 50 Hz frame rate
  • Real-time spectral component visualization at up to 25 Hz frame rate
  • Penetration depth of 1-3 cm
  • Cross-sectional spatial in-plane resolution of 80-250 μm
  • High-energy / fast-tunable laser system (50 Hz / 30 mJ)
  • Custom-made 2D or 3D tomographic ultrasound detectors (128-512 elements, 2.5-10 MHz)
  • Image acquisition fully automated
  • Data post-processing suite for spectral and temporal analysis
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