The best of all imaging worlds.

iThera Medical’s proprietary Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) technology provides in vivo identification of spectral signatures from multiple specific agents, along with excellent intrinsic tissue contrast. MSOT combines the molecular specificity of optical imaging with the penetration depth and spatiotemporal resolution of ultrasound:

  • Molecular specificity
    Identify and quantify disease-related biomarkers, revealing intrinsic absorbers and injected nearinfrared (NIR) probes
  • Depth and 3D resolution in real time
    Acquire whole-body images of small animals, with in-plane resolution of 150 μm, in vivo and in real time

    Comparative images – MSOT and other imaging modalities

    Left most:Distribution of exogenously introduced optical molecular probe in a mouse leg as resolved by Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography, superimposed onto simultaneously acquired anatomical image

    Second from left: Corresponding anatomical views, made with ultrasound,...
    Second from right: ...x-ray computed tomography,...
    Right most: well as epi-fluorescence of sliced tissue, are shown for comparison.

    From Optics Letters 32(19), 2891-2893 (2007); Physics in Medicine and Biology 54(9), 2769–2777 (2009) 

    Single-wavelength vs. multispectral imaging

    By detecting optical absorption from hemoglobin and other intrinsic absorbers, MSOT offers rich anatomical contrast without the need for injecting contrast agents. Anatomical structures can thereby be imaged throughout the depth of the animal, using a single wavelength for the acquisition process.

    Single-wavelength MSOT images can offer rich anatomical information, while multispectral image acquisition allows the discrimination among absorbers with distinct optical absorption profiles.

    Wavelengths for image acquisition are chosen based on the intrinsic and extrinsic absorber spectra of interest. Spectral unmixing algorithms are then used to differentiate cross-sectional composite images into images representing individual absorbers. 

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