RSOM Explorer C50

High-resolution OAI for clinical research

A mobile cart system for skin imaging

The RSOM Explorer C50 features a mobile cart system with a flexible mechanical arm for user-friendly detector positioning on the skin. Laser safety features such as a foot pedal interlock are integrated to fulfill key requirements of the clinical environment.

A system engineered for high-performance imaging

The RSOM Explorer C50 utilizes laser excitation at 532 nm and 10-90 MHz broadband acoustic detection, thereby providing high intrinsic optical tissue contrast with 20 µm resolution at 2-3 millimeters depth.

Workflow for clinical RSOM imaging

While raster-scanning the field of view, a nanosecond pulsed 532 nm laser excites the tissue. The induced ultrasound signal is detected by a broadband transducer with 50 MHz center frequency.

The transducer integrated into the RSOM Explorer C50 enables ultra-wide bandwidth detection of acoustic signals. By separating these signals during post-processing into several color-coded frequency bands, structures of different sizes can be separated and visualized more clearly.

Assess microvasculature in detail

iThera Medical has developed the RSOM Explorer C50 for clinical research studies. Disease areas of interest to date have been associated with detecting an irregular accumulation of hemoglobin or melanin at mesoscopic scales. High-resolution assessment of superficial microvasculature in the skin is critical for the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of skin cancers or inflammatory diseases.

Technical information

Technical parameter RSOM Explorer C50
Image acquisition
Field of view up to 6 x 6 x 3.5 mm
Axial / lateral resolution 10 / 40 µm
Illumination system
Wavelength 532 nm
Repetition rate / pulse energy up to 500 Hz / 250 µJ
Pulse width 2.5 ns
Data acquisition & processing
Center frequency / bandwidth 50 MHz / >100%
Acquisition sampling rate 500 MS/s


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