MSOT inVision

An optoacoustic imaging platform for preclinical research

Unique capability: full cross-sectional views, from head to tail

The MSOT inVision is a powerful optoacoustic imaging system for small animal imaging. It acquires cross-sectional images, with high resolution, in vivo and in real time. The unique capability of the MSOT inVision to visualize and quantify optoacoustic contrast throughout the whole animal, from head to tail, makes it a very attractive choice for many scientists. Optionally, ultrasound computed tomography can add further insights.

MSOT inVision

360° illumination / 270° detection for optimal image quality

The design of laser light illumination and acoustic signal detection is critical for attaining optimal visual and quantitative image quality. At the same time it is the area in which the optoacoustic commercially available imaging systems are most different.

The MSOT inVision features 360˚ ring illumination and 270˚ acoustic detection. This wide coverage angle is the basis for the full cross-sectional views of small animals and the unmatched tomographic image quality.

The MSOT inVision features 360˚ ring illumination and 270˚ acoustic detection.

Imaging workflow: user-friendly animal preparation followed by fully automated data acquisition

The MSOT inVision comes with a custom-design station for animal preparation. Key elements are an injection pad and an animal holder that allows repeatable positioning and anesthesia supply.

Following the positioning of the animal, the animal holder is inserted into the imaging chamber of the MSOT inVision. The software then facilitates fully automated image acquisition.

Workflow for imaging with the MSOT inVision

Data post-processing: advanced methods for image reconstruction and data analysis

The MSOT inVision is controlled by viewMSOT, a software which covers the full imaging chain: from data acquisition to image reconstruction, spectral unmixing, visualization and quantification. Its comprehensive functionality enables users to analyze their data without the need for other software tools. viewMSOT also supports data export into a toolbox developed by iThera Medical, termed iLabs. This toolbox provides access to algorithms in beta development state and allows further advanced data analysis.

Introduction to viewMSOT software

Add ultrasound: hybrid optoacoustic / ultrasound (OPUS) imaging

The MSOT inVision 512-echo is the world’s only hybrid tomographic optoacoustic / ultrasound imaging system.

The integration of active ultrasound capability to the MSOT inVision adds complementary anatomical information.

Add external animal bed: imaging larger animals or volumes in real time

The MSOT inVision can be equipped with an external animal bed.

This allows to scan larger animals (animals larger than 3 cm diameter, 15 cm length, 150 g weight), imaging during intervention or real-time 3D imaging.

Technical information

Technical parameter insight 64 inVision 128 inVision 256-TF inVision 512-echo
Imaging modes Optoacoustic Optoacoustic Optoacoustic Hybrid OPUS
Frame rate – optoacoustic 10 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz
Laser wavelength range 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm
Peak pulse energy 80 mJ 100 mJ 100 mJ 100 mJ
Detector 127°
64 elements
128 elements
256 elements
Spatial resolution 150 µm 150 µm 150 µm 150 µm
Data acquisition & processing viewMSOT, iLabs viewMSOT, iLabs viewMSOT, iLabs viewMSOT, iLabs


Whole-body cross-sections in real time or 20 micron resolution

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