MSOT Acuity

An optoacoustic imaging platform for clinical research

MSOT: the next generation in medical imaging

Imaging is an essential tool for medical diagnosis. Various technologies have evolved over time, each one providing specific benefits – but also limitations. MSOT is a novel imaging technology. Besides its high spatiotemporal resolution and sensitivity for optical contrast, MSOT imaging comes at relatively low cost and does not expose the patient to health risks associated with radiation or contrast agents. The MSOT Acuity has shown promise in initial clinical trials involving Crohn’s disease, breast cancer, melanoma, scleroderma and vascular disease.

Real-time visualization of optical tissue contrast

Equipped with a fast-tunable laser and 2D or 3D detectors, the MSOT Acuity / Acuity Echo can be used for real-time visualization of disease-related changes in optical contrast in soft tissue. The MSOT Acuity has a small footprint and is mobile, allowing bedside measurements in clinical research studies.

Detectors customized for different applications

Arc-shaped 2D detector

Most clinical studies with the MSOT Acuity to date have used an arc-shaped 2D detector with 4 MHz center frequency. This detector can visualize optical contrast in a cross-sectional view, at up to 4 cm depth, with an in-plane resolution of approx. 200 µm.

3D detector

Some clinical studies with the MSOT Acuity have used the 3D detector to leverage its unique capability of acquiring volumetric images with a single laser pulse and displaying volumetric images in real time. Key applications to date using this detector haven been in the areas of skin and breast cancer.

Technical information

Technical parameter MSOT Acuity* MSOT Acuity Echo**
Imaging modes Optoacoustic Optoacoustic + Ultrasound (OPUS)
Frame rate – optoacoustic 25 Hz up to 50 Hz
Frame rate – ultrasound n/a up to 20 Hz
Laser wavelength range 660-1300 nm 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm
Peak pulse energy 30 mJ 30 mJ
Detector 2D, 4 MHz, 256 elements Various 2D & 3D detectors
Spatial resolution < 400 µm 80-400 µm (detector-dependent)
Data acquisition & processing viewMSOTc viewMSOTc, viewMSOTp, iLabs
* CE marked
** prototype system for clinical research


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