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Hemoglobin concentration as a biomarker of inflammation in IBD patients

Inflammation is involved in the etiology of many chronic diseases. There is an increased demand to monitor inflammation non-invasively for diagnosis and for the assessment of therapeutic response. Inflammation is usually characterized by an increase in blood concentration in the affected tissue – which can be measured by MSOT.

A clinical exam with the combination of ultrasound with MSOT enables transabdominal ultrasound visualization of the mucosal structure of the intestinal wall patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), with the MSOT-derived hemoglobin signal used to assess different degrees of inflammation.

Color-coded optoacoustic contrast of hemoglobin concentration overlaid on an ultrasound image of the colon wall

The MSOT promise: become the most accurate non-invasive method of monitoring IBD

Sensitivity/specifity of MSOT in comparison to established non-invasive procedures (adapted from N Engl J Med. 2017 Mar 30;376(13):1294-6)

In a recent clinical study conducted on Crohn’s disease patients MSOT outperformed all other non-invasive approaches for assessing disease activity, with endoscopy being used as a gold standard.

While these results suggest that MSOT can improve the diagnostic accuracy and reduce the frequency of colonoscopy procedures, further trials are needed to confirm these initial findings. iThera Medical plans to confirm these findings in a multi-center clinical trial.


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