Precision nanomedicine, enabled by MSOT imaging

MSOT: a unique fit for imaging nanoparticles

Nanoparticles comprise a rapidly developing area of biomedical research. With tunable optical and tissue targeting properties, they can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Theranostic imaging becomes more precise with MSOT.

Many nanoparticles absorb but do not emit light, giving MSOT a unique advantage over other optical imaging modalities for detection. Repeatable animal positioning, automated whole-body image acquisition and advanced quantification methods allow for the analysis of nanoparticle targeting, biodistribution and excretion as a crucial input to nanoparticle characterization and optimization.

High sensitivity and specificity for nanoparticle detection

Tumor-targeted nanoparticles are used to enhance contrast for diagnosis and for enabling precision therapy, particularly for photothermal or photodynamic therapy.

MSOT enables cross-sectional imaging of nanoparticle concentration in tumors. The nanoparticle’s absorption spectrum is used for spectral unmixing, allowing specific and sensitive detection of nanoparticle presence down to femtomolar concentrations.

Assessing biodistribution. Accurate over time. For the full animal cross-section. From head to tail.

Animal positioning in the MSOT inVision is repeatable and user-independent, allowing users to image animals consistently and with comparable results over longer periods of time. Longitudinal biodistribution analysis through the entire depth of the mouse can therefore show the fate of injected nanoparticles.

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Applications for Preclinical Research

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