Monitor kidney perfusion.

The kidneys are an important target in the study of pharmacokinetics. Water soluble drugs or metabolites are filtered by the glomerulus and excreted into the urine. 

MSOT technology can be used in vivo to visualize localization of drugs in the kidney and to assess kidney function in real time. Non-targeted probes that are filtered by the kidneys can also be used to establish basic healthy kidney function, which can then be compared to diseased animals in order to characterize the extent of kidney disease.

Video-rate optoacoustic tomography of mouse kidney perfusion

Top images: Cross-sectional optoacoustic images at different time points of mice kidneys illuminated at 800 nm after injection of 300 nmol ICG.

Bottom images: Absorption difference after injection superimposed (red) on a single-wavelength image before injection.

Buehler et al., Optics Letter, July 2010


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  • Buehler A et al.,

    Video-Rate Optoacoustic Tomography of Mouse Kidney Perfusion,

    Optics Letters, 35(14), 2475-2477 (2010).

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