Determine gastric emptying.

The rate of gastric emptying is an important physiological endpoint in the drug discovery process. Classically, it is studied by invasive methods and post-mortem studies.

MSOT can revolutionize this analysis with noninvasive, in vivo, quantitative measurements of gastric motility.

Analysis of gastric clearance

Images: 10 nmol of ICG were administered by oral gavage to BALB/c nude mice. MSOT images were acquired every 8-10 min. post administration for 120 min. Representative anatomy is shown in (A). ICG signals are superimposed in green onto single-wavelength optoacoustic images (850 nm; grayscale; representative images in B) and quantified. Clearance kinetics are determined by fitting the MSOT data to a 2-compartmental pharmacokinetic model that reveals a clearance half-life from the stomach of approx. 22 min. (shown in D). Post-mortem validation by flourescence imaging is in good correspondence with MSOT (images in C).

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