Acute inflammation can be an indicator of recent injury, while chronic inflammation has been associated with multiple inflammatory disorders and also associated with other chronic diseases such as neurodegeneration and heart disease.

Assessing the inflammatory status and response to therapies is therefore of great interest to clinicians and biomedical researchers in a wide variety of inflammatory diseases, both clinically and in small animal models.

MSOT offers the possibility to study various indicators of inflammation, including functional parameters such as increased perfusion and tissue oxygenation, as well as molecular targets such as integrins, selectins or the homing of macrophages.

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Principle of MSOT measurements in IBD patients
Principle of MSOT measurements in IBD patients
Principle of MSOT measurements in IBD patients
MSOT disease activity measurements in IBD patients
MSOT imaging of inflamed and non-inflamed joints
Quantifying probe signal in healthy and inflamed joints


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