Imaging pancreatic tumor targeting.

Due to its high incidence and devastating mortality rate, pancreatic cancer is an important research area for the scientific community. Orthotopic models are needed to accurately recapitulate the complexity of disease. Longitudinal study of orthotopic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma requires advanced non-invasive imaging approaches.

The amorphous shape of the pancreas as well as its limited contrast and perfusion however pose significant challenges to visualize it in vivo. Accurate quantification of biological processes at depth demands high resolution, sensitivity, and tomographic detection.

A recent series of studies conducted at the University of Louisville demonstrate the significant impact MSOT imaging brings to research in the area of pancreatic adenocarcinoma (see Publications & Abstracts on the right).

In the figure below MSOT visualizes the successful accumulation of fluorophore-conjugated EGF within a pancreatic tumor, and provides high-resolution images, which allow noninvasive, real-time comparison of signal within individual organs.

Visualizing tumor targeting of EGF probe

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