Visualizing optical tissue properties. In high resolution, at depth.

Providing value to biomedical research, for preclinical and clinical applications

iThera Medical’s launched its first commercial OAI platform, the MSOT inVision, in 2012. Since then, a wide variety of preclinical applications has been explored by MSOT users. In the following years, two more imaging platforms were introduced, the MSOT Acuity for clinical research, and the RSOM Explorer for high-resolution OAI. These imaging platforms enable a wide range of preclinical and clinical, macroscopic and mesoscopic applications, in the truest sense of translational research.

Applications for Preclinical Research

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Tumor characterization

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Organ function assessment

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Brain imaging

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Nanoparticle tracking

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Other preclinical applications

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Applications for Clinical Research

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Inflammatory bowel disease

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Breast cancer

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Other clinical applications

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