Photo-/optoacoustics is a brand new field of biomedical imaging. As such we feel it is important to use as many forums as possible to educate potential new users about the value that MSOT can bring to their research.

MSOT Symposium (Philadelphia, 12th September 2017)

We welcome MSOT users and scientists interested in the preclinical and clinical use of MSOT to participate in a one-day meeting, held on the day before the start of the World Molecular Imaging Conference (WMIC).

The aim of the meeting is to stimulate informal and friendly discussion of the work being performed by MSOT users and give the opportunity to meet other users and imaging-associated scientists.

Confirmed speakers and titles of their scientific presentation are as follows (as of 18th July 2017):

  • Oshi Abeyakoon (University of Cambridge)
    Clinical translation of optoacoustic imaging in breast cancer
  • Richard Bouchard (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
    MSOT-based SO2 assessment of femoral bone marrow in a murine model of leukemia
  • Neal Burton (iThera Medical)
    Overview on preliminary results of clinical MSOT studies
  • Katja Haedicke (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
    Monitoring vascular-targeted therapy using raster-scan optoacoustic mesoscopy (RSOM)
  • Zach Houston (The University of Queensland)
    Understanding tumour microenvironment distribution and real-time therapeutic efficiency of nanomedicines using MSOT
  • Clinton Hupple (iThera Medical)
    Precision assessment of label-free psoriasis biomarkers via RSOM
  • Ralph Mason (UT Southwestern)
    Acute effects of therapeutic interventions revealed by MSOT
  • Lacey McNally (Wake Forest)
    Nanotargeted therapy for pancreatic cancer using MSOT
  • Marty Pagel (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
    Setting the standard for optoacoustic imaging: phantoms and calibrations
  • Pete Panizzi (Auburn University)
    MSOT imaging of tumor progression in murine models ranging from simple subcutaneous xenografts towards detection of deep tissue metastases in BL6 melanoma
  • Daniel Razansky (Helmholtz Center Munich)
    Multi-scale optoacoustic imaging of fast in vivo dynamics
  • Michal Tomaszewski (University of Cambridge)
    Revealing tumor vascular function using MSOT
    Evaluation of precision in optoacoustic tomography for preclinical imaging in living subjects
  • Kun Wang (Institute of Automation, Beijing)
    The comparison and combination of MSOT with other molecular imaging modalities
  • Christian Wiest (iThera Medical)
    Methods and materials for characterizing, calibrating and certifying an MSOT medical device

The Symposium will be held at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre, from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, followed by an evening reception. Participation is free of charge, with a limited number of seats available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To register please follow this link: Register for MSOT Symposium 2017

For more details on the program: Open program for MSOT Symposium 2017


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