Participate in an imaging revolution.

iThera Medical offers the next generation in molecular imaging. 
Introducing MSOT - Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography.

With its unique ability to accurately visualize and quantify tissue molecules, nanoparticles, biomarkers and optical agents, in vivo and in real time, through several centimeters of tissue, MSOT stands at the forefront of the next era in biomedical imaging.

Launch of Hybrid OA / US Technology

iThera Medical proudly announces the launch of its integrated optoacoustic / ultrasound (OPUS) imaging technology. The MSOT inVision 512-echo is the world's first hybrid tomographic OPUS imaging system, providing unparalelled and user-independent image quality, in real time, throughout the entire animal cross-section.

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MSOT Small Animal Imaging

iThera Medical offers a range of small animal scanners with varying hardware and software configurations. All systems enable whole-body deep-tissue imaging in real time.

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MSOT inVision Experiment Workflow

iThera Medical's MSOT imaging systems facilitate a wide variety of imaging applications as well as extensive data analysis, and are yet easy to use. To get a first-hand impression of the MSOT experiment procedure for small animal studies, follow this link: play video

Application Highlight: DCE-MSOT

MSOT has the capability to capture fast processes in vivo with high spatiotemporal resolution. Per-pixel analysis allows fitting of a pharmacokinetic model and calculation of parametric maps. Related applications include perfusion and probe targeting / clearance studies: see poster

MSOT Clinical Translation

Based on the real-time multispectral imaging technology proven in iThera Medical’s MSOT inSight / inVision small animal imaging systems, an MSOT imaging system for exploratory clinical use, the MSOT EIP (Experimental Imaging Platform), is now available.

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xPLORE Probes

iThera Medical markets a proprietary line of probes optimized for the use with MSOT. The initial portfolio of three xPLORE© probes consists of two targeted reagents for the use in disease models related to cancer and inflammation as well as one blood pool agent with long circulation time.

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